30 January 2017
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30 January 2017, Comments 0

Some people like to complain about the bad things in China,
such as Pollution, and work issues, etc. However, it also has some positive things in this country which full of their unique culture.


  1. First, the Food: Hotpot, Noodles, Dumplings, 肉夾饃 and 涼皮…etc.


  1. Secondly, low-cost dish, compare to some western countries
    the cost of food in China is cheap, you can eat a lot of food
    with little money.


  1. The cost of living. For example, working as an English teacher you had maybe twenty in-class hours a week. Also, you may have totake care of most of the tedious domestic like cleaning and laundry.


  1. Chines, drinking tea, studying Chinese culture, travelling, cycling. You will miss all that free time when you start to working forty to fifty hours a week.
  1. The people are full of warmth, the easier way to relate to individuals and situations where the language
    estrangements just left a smile on your face.


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