Real Estate

  • Sample company

    DELSK Business Co,. Ltd. was established in 2008 in Cologne, Germany. In the early stages of our company, our primary focus was helping Chinese entrepreneur’s develop their overseas investments strategy. We helped with creating business investment models, analyzing foreign markets, registering companies overseas, applying for short-term business visas, applying for long-term residency visas, scheduling and hosting business trips to destination countries, documents and conferences interpreting, and accounting consultation.

    Our target countries include Germany, France, Belgium, Spain, Netherlands, Sweden, Portugal, Greece, Cyprus, and St. Kitts and more. Along with the booming of China’s economy, the Chinese people have become more aware of the opportunity in the Global Economy. As a result, more and more Chinese middle class has started to invest in properties in all over the world with idea of sending their children to achieve a higher level of education.

    It became a very popular trend throughout Mainland China over the past decade. We realized that the need of clients in purchasing properties in Europe was growing rapidly. Therefore, we gradually shifted our main direction to providing consulting service for Chinese investors to invest in properties globally, and to meet their needs of global asset allocation. Up to now, we have provided businesses services in Latvia, Spain, Portugal, Andorra, Cyprus, Malta, Canada, US, New Zealand and Greece.

  • Sample project
    • Assist the Overseas Production Department by conducting researches on programs regarding the country’s legislation, politic, culture and financial system;
    • Help developing new programs taken on by the company.
    • Perform presentations on new and updated programs to clients and partners.
    • Attend business trips in different Chinese locations.
    • Attend exhibitions and networking events in order to create new connection with potential clients.
    • Take on small projects from other department in order to increase the knowledge of the company’s operations, through job diversification.
    • Represent the company’s vision through strong work ethic, outstanding professionalism and immaculate appearance.