• Sample company

    Our partner company was founded in 2009 in Shanghai, Is committed to providing the Chinese high-lever consumers and green food and daily necessities of the B2C online mall. The company founded by former senior consultant at McKinsey, by injection of TZG partners, the first and support, mature supply chain and logistics warehousing system. Senior management of the company have a first-class company international and inter departmental working experience.

  • Sample project
    • Assist with developing marketing strategies for promoting our company (online and offline mode).
    • Assist with fulfillment of marketing offers.
    • Assist with execution of events .
    • Perform analysis of marketing and sales data.
    • Seek and analyze competitor marketing and sales materials both on and offline.
    • Prepare presentations.
    • Provide support to social media efforts.
  • ☀ The job description will make adjustment based on personal abilities and current business.