• Sample company

    As one of the top-ranking forwarders INT'L SHIPPING & TRADING CO.,LTD. specialize in logistics and freight transportation.

    mainly covers container transportation and other logistics services at full range. They provide ocean export and air export services which including space booking, distribution,warehousing, transshipment, containers’ consolidation, customs declaration, quarantine,insurance and H/H combined transportation. We also provide various of ship movement service,freight rate, maritime information as well as consultation service.We keep the advantages on the lines to the Middle East, India & Europe & America, South America and Southeast Asia. We have a great number of clients from all over China including many factories and trading company agents. We also have overseas agents from many countries of the world. This strong network enables us to provide a safe transportation to your cargo. Our company has a large warehouse. The warehouse is close to the harbor area and is equipped with topflight facilities. Our staff are conscientious. These guarantee a safe transportation of your cargo. We have good cooperation with many carriers, customs brokers and harbor administration which help us to provide our clients with quality service and competitive price.

  • Sample project
    • Paid internship.
    • Managing the logistics process, transportation flow from order placement to final carrier payment.
    • Assist to organize logistics team to implement logistics warehouse work plan, and supervise the implementation effect.
    • Assist key managers on day to day operations workflow. Analyzing and developing logistics plans to meet customer expectations and support upstream functions in the supply chain.
    • Account management. Using company system to manage customers’ account, meeting customers’ satisfaction and help customers reduce costs.
    • Implementing enterprise logistics warehousing task, according to enterprise's production and sales plans enterprise logistics warehousing plan, in the concrete implementation process in strict review logistics warehouse work report.
    • Assistant Control the cost of logistics and warehousing, increasing profit of enterprise, reduce expenditure.
  • ☀ The job description will make adjustment based on personal abilities and current business.
  • Requirements
    • Education background: bachelor degree or above in logistic, or other related industry.
    • Experienced logistics knowledge, familiar with logistics work flow, can arrange the logistics work.
    • Ability of communication and coordination with other departments, reasonable arrangement of work.
    • Good communication skills, self starter and ability to work independently.
    • Effective organizational and time management skills.
    • Good team player to work with people with various backgrounds.
    • Strong interpersonal skills and anarchically skills.