We strive to make our programmes as accessible as possible. Although most of our applicants are self-funded we understand that not everyone is in the same financial situation.

Nexus Globe fund at least one student with outstanding academic achievement through universities.

Please contact us for more information.

Ways to afford internship programme:

funding-scholarshipNexus Globe funding at least one student.

Ways to afford internship programme:

Does your College have a funding internship programme?

Many universities have started programmes in order to help students who want to pursue an internship. The goal of these internships was to provide access to all students to be able to get experience in their field of interest especially if they didn’t have the financial resources to complete an unpaid internship. Check with the Career Services Office at your university. Many internships are funded by alumni, parents, and friends of the university.

Apply for a part-time job:

Many students will combine a part-time job with an internship. Since many internships can be done part-time, coupling that with a part-time job may not be such a bad idea. Combining a job with an internship may give you the best of both worlds – relevant experience in your chosen field along with some money to help pay for some of your college costs and other incidentals.