Are you culturally aware? Do you know the striking difference about China?

17 January 2017
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17 January 2017, Comments 0

Travel, immerse to culture whilst get paid.
Here are the striking difference:

1. Tipping is not expected in most restaurants and hotels. If tipping is offered mostly,
it will be refused.

2. While playing cards ….it’s not one person who distributes the cards to all the players…infact all the cards are kept in the center….each player keeps picking a card turn by turn until all cards get distributed.

3. MagLev trains had aeroplane like setup with attendant, cleanliness, announcements, decorum etc…..train stations did not look any less than airports.

4. Everybody on the table having a meal can use their own chopsticks to fetch dishes. Often other people pick dishes and put it in your bowl, which shows politeness and care for you.

5. Taxi drivers talks to you as if he is scolding you like anything.

6. More people spit on the floor, it is not a beautiful element but it could because of air pollution.

7. The most popular taxi booking app called didi does not support english…..managing to book the

    taxi through that app in itself was a super big challenge, but it was really fun to crack it finally.

8. The limitless population made me feel that I m just a petty living being…..wonder why humans
think so highly of themselves…

9. Google, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube blocked…..

10. The green sign on taxi means its busy and red sign means it’s available ….exactly opposite from usual.


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