Business consulting

  • Sample company

    Our partner company is a market research and management consulting firm focusing on the Chinese market. They are leveraging a multiple-methodology approach in order to support clients’ needs, auctioning traditional methodologies as well as technology-driven tools. With offices in Beijing and Shanghai (as well as a commercial representation in Hong-Kong), their team is composed of local and overseas-educated Chinese and china-educated foreign project managers. They commitment to understanding clients’ challenges and base all the recommendations on data have convinced more than 100 clients to work with and come back to them for new research projects. With a team of 15 full-time project managers and a network of hundreds of data-miners, the company is able to cover China entirely in terms of data collection and research. They are often solicited in order to work on market sizing, market opportunity assessment, acquisition and target identification, consumer understanding. They have worked with major international companies as well as for SMEs.

  • Sample project
    • Help organizations solve problems and set goals for improvement.
    • Make organizational changes or developing and implementing systems that promote efficiency or increase profits.
    • Develop the management and leadership skills of owners and managers of our client companies.
    • Identify opportunities to increase efficiency, cost-effectiveness, quality, and service.
    • Review and analyze information through different reports and researches.
    • Develop and present recommendations for the management.