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8 March 2017
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Free flights to China for a limited time with EF English First in 2017. Apply early to secure a free flight on top of a competitive teaching package!

8 March 2017, Comments 0

As part of our partnership with EF English First, Nexus Globe is pleased to bring you news of the latest EF teaching opportunities. If […]

11 February 2017
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How Nexus Globe celebrate the Chinese Lantern Festival?

11 February 2017, Comments 5

Happy Lantern Festival! Today, the 15th day of the 1st lunar month, lanterns of various shapes and sizes are hung in the streets. The […]

30 January 2017
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What’s good about China

30 January 2017, Comments 0

Some people like to complain about the bad things in China, such as Pollution, and work issues, etc. However, it also has some positive […]

17 January 2017
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Are you culturally aware? Do you know the striking difference about China?

17 January 2017, Comments 0

Travel, immerse to culture whilst get paid. Here are the striking difference: 1. Tipping is not expected in most restaurants and hotels. If tipping […]

17 December 2016
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Christmas Greeting

17 December 2016, Comments 0

  Are you ready for 2017? Two more weeks to go to countdown in front of London Eye, have you ticked all the wishes […]